#397: (pronounced lĕh-'nérd 'skin-'nérd) by Lynyrd Skynyrd


(pronounced lĕh-'nérd 'skin-'nérd) by Lynyrd Skynyrd (1973)

Favorite Track(s): "Tuesday's Gone" and "Mississippi Kid"and (DUH) "Free Bird"

Thoughts: Lynyrd Skynyrd bring many things to mind. But mostly just "Sweet Home Alabama"(which isn't on this album) and with it, Con Air and Neil Young's "Southern Man." But I think I saw a Behind the Music on them in high school and respected them since for their southern rock.

There's a track called "Simple Man" which I hoped would be a cover of Graham Nash (WHOSE ALBUM SONGS FOR BEGINNERS BETTER BE HIDDEN SOMEWHERE ON THIS LIST OR I WILL UNLEASH MY UNHOLY WRATH) but it wasn't. Even so, the album is gorgeous 70s southern rock, full of grit and depth but expertly produced and written. This has put my soul at rest that no Kid Rock is on the list, because the mere thought that he would find himself anywhere near it, much less above these rock gods would be pure lunacy.

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