#399: Radio City by Big Star


Radio City by Big Star (1974)

Favorite Tracks: "Way Out West" and "What's Going Ahn" and "September Gurls" and "Morpha Too" and "I'm In Love With A Girl"

Thoughts: Guys, Big Star is becoming one of my favorite bands. At the thought of getting to listen to them this morning I literally starting singing Rod Stewart lyrics: you're in my heart/you're in my soul/you'll be my breath when I grow old/you are my lover and you're my best friend/you're in my soul. Which are basically the lyrics I ascribe to anything or anyone that I even only moderately enjoy.

Big Star, where have you been all my life? And why didn't you make loads more albums? I actually think I prefer Third/Sister Lovers and #1 Record to this one, but compared with what I've had to listen to elsewhere on this list, it's pure gold.

One of my favorite lines from "What's Going Ahn": And looking at you I'm drained outright /And isolated in the light.

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