#345: Roger the Engineer [Yardbirds] by The Yardbirds (1966)


Roger the Engineer [Yardbirds] by The Yardbirds (1966)

Favorite Track(s): "Lost Woman" and "Over, Under, Sideways, and Down" and "Rack My Mind" and "Farewell" and "He's Always There" and "Turn Into Earth" and "What Do You Want"

Thoughts: (Pre-Listening) Hey, the Yardbirds are back! Again! So soon. You were here just 4 albums ago. But you're back. And with kinda lame album art. Let's hope the music makes up for it all! (Side note: I'm listening to the original UK release track listing.)

(Post-Listening) I might get a lot of hate for this, and it might just be my lack of Stones exposure, but I think this album is of the caliber what I expected Between the Buttons to be. Roger the Engineer is just incredibly solid, tight, luscious 60s rock, and I was so impressed by everything on my question is, why aren't The Yardbirds as big a band in the history of rock? Their lack of longevity? A wonder. Because this album was awesome.

Is This Better Than A Hard Day's Night?:


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