#348: 52nd Street by Billy Joel


52nd Street by Billy Joel (1978)

Favorite Track(s): "Big Shot" and "Honesty" and "My Life" and "Stiletto" and "Rosalinda's Eyes" and "Half A Mile Away" and "Until the Night"

Thoughts: (Pre-Listening) THIS IS AN ALBUM BILLY JOEL HAS MADE, I WILL REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT. Guys, it's finally happened. We finally have some Billy Joel on the list. I'm not sure I've shared before with you, dear people of the internet, my love for Billy Joel. My great, blinding, blistering, earth-shattering, heart-stopping, tongue-wagging, ankle-breaking, nose-piercing, soul-crushing love for Billy Joel. Well, not Billy Joel the person, perhaps, but Billy Joel: The Singing Piano God, definitely.

I'm starting to realize that the piano is the way into my musical heart, and Billy Joel and Elton John really are at the top of that list, along with Bruce Springsteen and Lennon & McCartney of course.

I've sort of noticed within the last few years that people seem to think it's cool to not like Billy Joel's music. They write him off for "We Didn't Start the Fire" and leave it at that. Well, that's their loss. AND STUPIDITY. So get ready for me to be all over the place in this post as I try to express my deep admiration and abiding love for one William Joel.

(Post-Listening) So I just adore the song "My Life" as I have for many years, but even more since seeing an episode of Miranda that features it. When attempting to find a gif of said scene via google, guess what came up in the first 5 results:

My blog and my tumblr. Whatever, I HAVE NO REGRETS. Instead, I will post the video that shows the scene, from the episode "Holiday", which you will now watch (hop to 6 minutes in):

Now I can never hear "My Life" without doing the piano hands she does, and it's improved my life greatly, I must say. The beginning of the song reminds me of Mika's "Love Today" now. Anyone? Anyone? Sigh. The intro (after the sax solo) to "Stiletto" reminds me of the clapping interlude of the epic All That Jazz (1979) rendition of "Bye Bye Love" (skip to 3:50):

Right? RIGHT? Sigh. "Rosalinda's Eyes" is, of course, connected to Freaks and Geeks. "Oh my god, she's running to get to us."

Every now and then there is the Billy Joel song that leaves me thinking, "that must be an inside joke or a reference I don't get." Like "Zanzibar." But I'm more than willing to allow it, because everything else is heavenly. Like "Until the Night" when he harmonizes with himself? FREAKING GORGEOUS.

Is This Better Than A Hard Day's Night?: Preciousbabydarling David Tennant and I agree:


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