#354: Singles Going Steady by The Buzzcocks


Singles Going Steady by The Buzzcocks (1979)

Favorite Track(s): "What Do I Get?" and "Love You More" and "Promises" and "Why Can't I Touch It?"

Thoughts: (Pre-Listening) This is another compilation album, and for some reason I find the album name so damn clever. Like, best greatest hits album name EVER.

Anyway, I have a confession: my main association with The Buzzcocks is the fact that their name is in the title to one of my favorite shows, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, as a play on the Sex Pistols album name. I'm not sure I actually know any Buzzcocks songs. Let's find out!

(Post-Listening) I do! I do! I know "Ever Fallen in Love?" But that was the only one. Point is, wonderful compilation, enjoyed listening to it!

Is This Better Than A Hard Day's Night?: Ringo says yes.


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