#357: Substance (1987) by New Order


Substance by New Order (1987)

Favorite Track(s): "Ceremony" and "Temptation" and "Blue Monday" and "Perfect Kiss" and "Subculture" and "Bizarre Love Triangle" and "True Faith"

Thoughts: In regard to the title, it's actually just called Substance, but apparently there was a compilation album of the same name by Joy Division (THE BASTARDS--theirs came out a year later!), so they added the '1987' to distinguish it.

And oh baby, this was a good album (which isn't hard to believe, it's a compilation ablum, so it's all the best bits). It felt like a combination of The Smiths, Gang of Four, and The Cure. Which might be totally untrue? I have no idea.

My only complaint would probably be how looooong some of the song intros were. And I'm not talking like gorgeous-piano-Roy-Bittan-intros-that-you'd-give-your-first-born-child-for-one-more-minute intros (example: "Racing in the Street"), I'm talking what-did-you-just-have-a-hard-time-coming-up-with-lyrics? intros (example: "Thieves Like Us." Exception: "Shellshock" as the intro made me feel like I was watching Matthew Broderick hack into government websites, and I happened to like WarGames, thank you very much. Also "Bizzare Love Triangle." Ok, maybe my beef is really just with "Thieves Like Us.")

The point is: great album.

Side note: I listened to the LP track listing, rather than the CD.

Is This Better Than A Hard Day's Night?:

(I believe it's a 'yes' from Paul.)



Erin said...

Wait, who are the bastards here? That's funny that New Order added the date to their album, despite the later release of a compilation.

But... New Order was one-half Joy Division. And "Ceremony" was written by Ian Curtis.

You know what this means? You and I have a movie date with Control!!! No youtube peeking, if you haven't seen it.

Maryann said...

Ha ha! Sorry, Joy Division are the bastards, since there compilation came out in 1988, a year after New Order's. And I don't really think they're bastards, I was just being overdramatic. :) But sure we can watch Control, whatever that is!