#359: Ray of Light by Madonna


Ray of Light by Madonna (1998)

Favorite Tracks: "Drowned World (Substitute for Love)" and "Ray of Light" and "Nothing Really Matters" and "Frozen"

Thoughts: I'll tell you what, guys. I didn't want to like this album. I wanted it to feel dated and boring. Why? Because as we've previously discussed, my love for Madonna is minimal and often just obligatory. As strong female artists go she's not my number one. Or number two. Or numbers three to twenty, either. But! This album was luscious and intriguing to me, I can't deny it. I thought her voice was beautiful and haunting, and the music moved me with each mood it presented from track to track. I'm glad this album was so much higher on the list than Music.

A few songs were a bit throwaway for me (as most pop albums made in this and the following decade were), for instance "Candy Perfume Girl."

Also, side note: I think this is my favorite of all of Madonna's 'incarnations', at least fashion-wise. Doesn't she look gorgeous on the cover? Probably because she'd just done in Evita in 1996 and the Andrew Lloyd Webber exposure rubbed off on her... I don't even know what that means. In fact, Patti Lupone and Mandy Patinkin should have been in the movie, not Madonna and Antonio Banderas, so I take everything back! HARUMPH.

Is This Better Than A Hard Day's Night?: Nope.

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