#370: The Eagles by The Eagles


The Eagles by The Eagles (1972)

Favorite Track(s): "Take It Easy" and "Chug All Night" and "Most of Us Are Sad" and "Train Leaves Here This Morning" and "Peaceful Easy Feeling"

Thoughts: I have spoken before about my love of self-titled debut albums, and this one here is no exception. Not only is this, I believe, our first Eagles album on the list, but it is also my first time listening and blogging an album on the weekend! When I saw that the Eagles were up next, I decided I'd like to try a weekend post. Also, if I really want to get this whole list done by New Year's (yikes!) I need to step it up!

Now, to the music. If you've been reading any of these posts, or have let me talk to you about my music taste, you know that 70s folk rock is my favorite. We have my parents to thank for that, and this album definitely makes me think of them. Great stuff!

Is This Better Than A Hard Day's Night?: I think it's as good!

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