#330: Wild Gift by X


Wild Gift by X (1981)

Favorite Track(s): "The Once Over Twice" and "We're Desperate" and "Adult Books" and "Universal Corner" and "It's Who You Know" and "In This House That I Call Home"

Thoughts: Side note: sorry to have been so absent. I usually listen while doing work at my computer, and I've been away from my computer lately!

(Pre-Listening) Another punk band. And so soon! Well, they get points for their album cover. And lose them again for their band name. Let's just get through this, shall we?

(Post-Listening) I was won over in the first 10 seconds of track 1. This band has male and female lead vocals, which is the quickest way into my musical heart. The female singer is Exene (the band name makes a bit more sense now), and the male is also the bassist, John Doe. Also, I love any punk band that chooses to sing about relationships over "Angry! Mad! Pissed! Upset! Enraged! Yelling! Screaming! Shouting!" for their main song themes.

Is This Better Than A Hard Day's Night?: Sure!



Anonymous said...

Exene Cervenka was married to John Doe from 1980 to 1985. She later married actor Viggo Mortensen. They were married for about ten years beginning in 1987, pre-Lord of the Rings.

Maryann said...

Wow, good to know! Is his son's mother Exene?

Anonymous said...

Yes. On January 28, 1988, Exene Cervenka gave birth to her only child, Henry Blake Mortensen