#332: Superunknown by Soundgarden


Superunknown by Soundgarden (1994)

Favorite Track(s): "My Wave" and "Black Hole Sun"

Thoughts: (Pre-Listening) I have to start today's listening off with grunge music? Harrumph. Well, they're from Seattle (like most grunge) so I guess I should give them a listen. First, an honest show of hands: who's ever confused Soundgarden with Savage Garden? Me too, me too.

(Post-Listening) I didn't hate it, but I also couldn't wait for it to be over. As we've discussed before, this music does nothing for me. But as grunge goes, it was probably more up my alley than most (*cough*PEARLJAM*cough*). I would never have put it this far up the list.

Is This Better Than A Hard Day's Night?: Paul?


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