#336: Damaged by Black Flag


Damaged by Black Flag (1981)

Favorite Track(s): "Rise Above" and "TV Party" and "Depression"

Thoughts: (Pre-Listening) We're so high up in the list now, guys, that it's hard for me to see bands on here now that I've never heard of. And even harder are the ones I'm not pleased to learn about upon looking them up.

There are three words that wikipedia uses to characterize this band, Black Flag, as: American, hardcore, and punk. I believe that the absence and replacement of one--just one--of these words could have saved me. Say, an American hardcore folk band. Or an American psychedelic punk band. Or even a British hardcore punk band! Any of those combinations might possibly have prevented me from feeling like this right now:

But with a grimace on my face and clenched fists, I open my ears to you, Black Flag. Show why you are worthy of this ranking.

(Post-Listening) This album could have been a lot worse. Well, I mean it could have been as terrible as I was expecting it to be. But I think what saved it for me was the year it was made: 1981. It was still close enough to the 70s that I didn't despise it musically. Some of the songs even had a sense of humor, like "TV Party." Unless that was supposed to be a serious satirical comment on how much TV people watch? If so, that's even funnier. "Spray Paint" sounded like a spoof of a punk song. Genius lyrics like it feels good to say what I want/it feels good to knock things down.

As you can see from my favorite tracks, there were a few songs that kept my attention or didn't sound like white noise, but the rest I'm afraid were easy to forget and disregard. Not a bad album, but deserving to be on this list at ALL? No.

Is This Better Than A Hard Day's Night?: The following line from "I Should Have Known Better" is better than the entire breadth of Damaged:

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