#327: Tonight's the Night by Neil Young


Tonight's the Night by Neil Young (1975)

Favorite Track(s): "Borrowed Tune" and "Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown" and "New Mama"

Thoughts: Remember that time when I was listening to all the Rolling Stone Top 500 albums of all time? It feels like it was so long ago. Actually, the last post was in July. JULY. After the shock of Help!'s ranking, I think I needed to take a break. And I did--for a month! But we're back, and all is well. And with Neil Young, so that's nice. Though this album name makes me think of Rod Stewart (and how much my mom hates that song). Gosh, Rod Stewart is sexy in such an uncomfortable way. He's like the Warren Beatty of music. Or something.

Anyway, Neil Young. Nils Lofgren plays on this album! (I can't stay focused on Neil too long, apparently). But I honestly think this album could have been improved with the mere addition of a few people, namely one Stills, one Nash, and one Crosby.

In the song "Albuquerque" (what a weird word/name) the song goes, "Aaaaaaaallll-be-quer-que" and the whole time I heard "Looooooove, love herpes."

Is This Better Than Help!?: It was very, very good. But surely, you must be joking.

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