#321: Slowhand by Eric Clapton


Slowhand by Eric Clapton (1977)

Favorite Track(s): "Wonderful Tonight" and "Lay Down Sally" and "We're All the Way"

Thoughts: Ok, how many of us have slow-danced to "Wonderful Tonight"? Or, how many of us have sat at tables watching other people slow-dance to "Wonderful Tonight"? It's a classic.

And raise your hand if you didn't know "Lay Down Sally" was 'lay down Sally'? I thought he was singing 'way down South.' Anyone else or is it just me?

The album as a whole was pretty good, but I was left feeling like it had some great songs and then one too many throwaways. The last song, "Peaches and Diesel" just sounded like a re-working of "Wonderful Tonight." If I had this album on vinyl, I would never listen to side B.

Is this better than Help!?: Not to me!

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Anonymous said...

The song ‘Wonderful Tonight’ was written by Eric Clapton about his wife Patti Boyd, the woman for whom he also wrote ‘Layla’. Boyd, who was George Harrison’s wife at the time Clapton wrote ‘Layla’, was also the subject of Harrison’s song ‘Something’.