#325: Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth


Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth (1988)

Favorite Track(s): "Teen Age Riot" and "'Cross the Breeze" and "Hey Joni" and "Candle" and "Kissability"

Thoughts: (Pre-Listening) I think I heard about Sonic Youth a lot, but wasn't sure who they were or what their music was like. I think half the time I figured they were a popular Christian band, but that's Sonic Flood. Sonicflood? (Can't be bothered to check.)

In fact, the first time I remember hearing something about Sonic Youth that actually made me order their greatest hits from my library (and then never listen to it) was from a blog I read called Que Sera Sera. It's hilarious and I one time I went through the whole archive. Anyway, the author, Sarah, wrote a post about a guy who gave her a fail proof solution to nightmares:

One time in college, I had a nightmare that freaked me out so badly that I called him in the middle of the night, and he came out of a dead sleep to tell me to imagine that Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore were hanging out in my doorway, guarding my room, and ain’t nobody gonna fuck with them, so go back to sleep, baby. This was so totally and inexplicably one of the most heartwarming things ever that I think of it now whenever I have a bad dream.

I had no idea who Kim Gordon or Thurston Moore were, so I googled them. I have to say (as I always do) that any band, no matter the genre, can usually make me like them if they have both male and female lead vocalists. So I'm excited to take the time to actually expose myself to some Sonic Youth. I think this is their 6th album.

(Post-Listening) First, I love the album art. And the music was definitely...likeable? Gosh, that's an inadequate description. It reminded me of other 80s alt rock, and I liked it. But I didn't love it. I could see growing to love it more if I tried. I just didn't hear it and think, "Never leave my ears!" like I do with other albums I hear for the first time on this list. Though it wasn't unpleasant at all. I feel very good about this quality of this review.

Is This Better Than Help!?: No...

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