#318: Ghost in the Machine by The Police (1981)


Ghost in the Machine by The Police (1981)

Favorite Track(s): "Everything Little Thing She Does is Magic" and "Invisible Sun" and "Too Much Information"

Thoughts: The Police are back! We've heard them a few times on the list already. They always deliver fun, original pop-rock, and I like it. "Everything She Does is Magic" is definitely a sweet, lovely song that makes me think of The Wedding Singer. Other than that, I think I'm at a place where I can only appreciate this album on a nostalgic, surface level (which has been happening a lot, so you can see why I've gotten to behind on this project!) Maybe the day is coming when I'll write obsessive blog posts breaking down my abiding love for The Police, but it's not today.

Is This Better Than Help!?: Nope.

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