#303: Avalon by Roxy Music


Avalon by Roxy Music (1982)

Favorite Track(s): "More Than This" and "The Main Thing" and "To Turn You On"

Thoughts: Things Maryann was not aware of: 1) that there was any more Roxy Music on the list (score!) 2) that they sang "More Than This" and "Avalon"! I would never have guessed these were songs written/sung by glam rockers. But I guess it was the 80s.

I love the album cover art. It looks like it belongs in an epic 80s fantasy film (of which we know there were many). Large quantities of the music made me think of Bowie, circa the same year, so maybe it's just the 80s rock vibe.

Also, there was a song called "While My Heart is Still Beating" which was just ok, but kept making me think of "Bat Out of Hell" when Meatloaf sings, "And the last thing I see is my heart, still beating." The End. Great story, I know.

Is This Better Than Help!?: You know, I'm not 100% clear on why of all the Roxy Music albums, this one is so high on the list. Is it because more of the songs were bigger hits? I just didn't feel it. And I kept waiting for Stranded to be on the list because of the utter genius that is "Mother of Pearl." So as much as I love you, Roxy Music, I was not that impressed by this album, and therefore have to say 'no, you are not as good as Help!."

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