#313: The Eminem Show by Eminem


The Eminem Show by Eminem (2002)

Favorite Track(s): Just the chorus of "Business" and "Without Me" and all the Steven Tyler parts of "Sing for the Moment" (aka "Dream On")

Thoughts: (Pre-Listening) I would never say that Eminem is not a talented rapper. He has definite skill. But from what little I know of his music, that's the only part of him I can respect. I don't appreciate the content of his lyrics, and musically his songs don't appeal to me. I know a lot of people enjoy listening to his stuff when they're mad or angry, but for me, this isn't music that I feel like I can feel 'safe' being angry to. His anger borders way too close to hate, misogyny, violence, and ignorance. In other words, I'm in no way excited to listen to this album, and I am frankly appalled at how high it is on the list. Let's see.



My favorite part of "White America" was the reference to TRL, and how now that show no longer exists, so it's no longer relevant. I personally feel that artists like Eminem are created precisely for the MTV crowd--it's of-the-moment and all about beating out your competition, instead of trying to make music that will last. Almost every song seems like a cry to remember how controversial and talented he is, and trying to respond to critics. The whole album feels defensive and petty.

Instead of listening to "Say Goodbye Hollywood" I wanted to be listening to "Say Goodbye to Hollywood" by Billy Joel. Let's not even talk about "Drips." I DO like "Without Me" because it makes me feel nostalgic, and it's in one of my favorite Doctor Who fan videos. "Superman" is just ridiculous and awful, and not in a fun way. The song "When the Music Stops" just made me think of the song "Heart of Worship" where the lyrics go, "When the music fades, and all is stripped away..." Right?

Anyway, I'm bummed this album is on the list, and this high up.

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