I'm often asked to bring my exceptional insight and perspective to important topics affecting our society and the globe.


Other times, Yankee Candles. Which is what I talked about last night. For 20 minutes. With Kj.

People who are not allowed to watch this video: Jenny (because it would spoil a surprise) and my mom, because it would worry her. (Though that thing that would worry her shouldn't worry her anymore because I no longer do it!)

You're welcome.

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Jess said...

Oh my goodness. This video was awesome. Not just for the education factor, but also (and more so) for the entertainment factor. I've never realized the passion and commitment to Yankee Candles was even an existing thing! But most of all, Maryann, this warmed my heart hearing and seeing you share a story, which I always enjoy from your blogs and what I remember loving about you from back in the Sonshine days. :)