She flossed so hard, her tooth fell out!*


Tonight (this morning? I never fell asleep...) while flossing my fake tooth popped out. I've had it since...high school? I can't even remember. My immediate thought was, "Oh hell no--I CANNOT go to a hospital right now!" And then I remembered I could just go to my dentist. Which is scary in its own right, because I'm afraid of the bill.

Also, I have weird missing-tooth issues. I currently can't keep my tongue from sticking out, and I've got an advanced lisp paired with a high, childlike voice. Add to that the fact that I'm wearing my mouth-guard all day to distract me.

I'm realizing I have deep prejudices against people with missing teeth, as I am now horrified that someone will notice one of mine is missing.

(In case you're someone who's super-into dental stuff, it was technically a fake tooth that was part of a Marilyn bridge.)

*Reference to Alec Baldwin as Charles Nelson Riley at Inside the Actor's studio (SNL sketch) where he's telling a story about Betty White where she "laughed so hard, her boob fell out!"


Dental Implants Rockland said...

Dental implants replace the missing tooth root and provide an anchor for fixed or removable replacement teeth.

Kj said...

I can help you overcome that prejudice by giving it a face. I'm basically missing three. Ah freelance living!