Great Choices I've Made in the Last 48 Hours


- I decided I could make an important phone call regarding a bill that needed paying while I drove through the car wash

- I left the cap off my toothpaste, and left it right next to the almost identical cap for my prescription-strength rash cream

- I bought some super-strongly-scented bath salts along with food items and left them in a bag together


loverstreet said...

at the first bullet, i thought, "maryann is kicking ass and taking names today. i love tackling a nagging task like that." then i read the others and realized that maybe making that call while going through a car wash wasn't as great of a use of your time as i initially thought. this caused me some confusion as i read bullet two b/c i was thinking this was a list of good things you had done recently. darn, i thought you were on to something with making important phone calls in the car wash!

Maryann said...

Ha! The first bullet was a good idea, until I realized I could not hear a DAMN THING from the person on the other line, and had to call them back when it was done, ashamed.