#275: The Immaculate Collection by Madonna


The Immaculate Collection by Madonna (1990)

Favorite Track(s): "Holiday" and "Borderline" and "Like A Virgin" and "Crazy for You" and "Like A Prayer" and "Cherish" and "Vogue"

Thoughts: This is quite an appropriate album to listen to this week since Madonna is doing the Superbowl halftime show on Sunday.

As I've discussed before, Madonna is not my number one diva. When I think of incredible women whose music has touched my life forever, or even the face of music, she wouldn't come up on the list for a good long while. She can be fun for dance parties, karaoke, or celebrity gossip, but I don't take her very seriously as an artist. There's not enough substance to balance out the 'shock' for me.

Anyway, many of these songs were fun and nostalgic. I remember many a late night hearing "Crazy for You" coming on K103fm, 'Soft Rock Favorites.' This collection was fun and a good time.

Is This Better Than Help!?: Because it's a compilation album, yes. If these songs were standing alone on their individual albums, I would think definetely not. 60s/70s songwriters come back....

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