#277: Folk Singer by Muddy Waters


Folk Singer by Muddy Waters (1964)

Favorite Track(s): "Good Morning Little School Girl" and "Big Leg Woman"

Thoughts: I like blues, but I can love folk, acoustic blues. However, I think I'm at a place in my life where blues songs still all sound the same, and get boring quickly. I like to imagine there will be a time when I'm older where the blues will seem like the truest form of music and the human condition. But for now, I only appreciate them on a surface level.

Is This Better Than Help!?: In terms of its importance in the history of music, yes, in terms of listen-ability, no.


Linda P. said...

How are you able to listen to all these albums? Are you purchasing them all? Is someone helping you track them down? 500 albums is quite a commitment.

Maryann said...

It IS a commitment! One I often consider giving up, but then I discover an awesome new (to me) album and it's worth it again.

I listen to them track by track on youtube, and sometimes on grooveshark!