#282: I'm Still in Love With You by Al Green


I'm Still in Love With You by Al Green (1972)

Favorite Track(s): "I'm Glad You're Mine" and "Love and Happiness" and "What A Wonderful Thing Love Is" and "Simply Beautiful" and "For the Good Times" and "One of These Good Old Days"

Thoughts: (Pre-Listening) So many thoughts and we haven't even heard it yet! First off, we all saw Obama singing some of "Let's Stay Together", right? I know it's not on this album, but it's relevant anyway. And the POTUS did a very good job if you ask me. I was impressed.

Second-of-ly, at the end of the movie Two Weeks Notice when the couple finally gets together, Al's song "Love is A Beautiful Thing" from Don't Look Back is playing, and there's this amazing segment towards the end of the song when Al sings the titles of 6 of his songs, and it's just when Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant are kissing, and he croons, "Let's stay together, let's stay together...'cause I'm still in love with you." It's exactly at the 4:44 mark:


Anyway, whenever I hear the name of this album, I think of him singing it exactly like that in the song. But there's a song on this album called "I'm Still in Love With You" and it will probably sound different and replace that version in my mind. To the album!

(Post-Listening) Well, to be honest, I didn't love "I'm Still in Love With You"! I think I'll stick with "Love Is A Beautiful Thing." But that doesn't mean I didn't adore the rest of the album! "Love and Happiness" especially stuck out as pure perfection. The ORGAN! The HORNS! I couldn't get enough. And "Simply Beautiful" was from. another. world. Not of this earth.

Is This Better Than Help!?:

Um, yeah.


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