#285: Something Else by The Kinks by The Kinks


Something Else by The Kinks by The Kinks (1967)

Favorite Track(s): "David Watts" and "Death of a Clown" and "Two Sisters" and "Situation Vacant" and "Love Me Till the Sun Shines" and "Waterloo Sunset"

Thoughts: Is this the first time we've listened to The Kinks? I think it is. I can't hardly keep track anymore. But I am excited about The Kinks! Great band name, great album name, and fabulous album. I love 60s mod-rock--it's fun and colorful and playful and makes me want to take walks in a beret, pea coat, and ballet flats.

"Death of a Clown" reminded me of Dylan, "No Return" reminded me of The Beatles. And I can't get enough harpiscord in my pop.

"Waterloo Sunset" was on my London 2011 playlist.

Is This Better Than Help!?: It's a tough call. They are definitely equals.


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