#287: Talking Heads: 77 by Talking Heads


Talking Heads: 77 by Talking Heads

Favorite Track(s): "Tentative Decisions" and "Who Is It?" and "Don't Worry About the Government" and "Psycho Killer" and "Love → Building on Fire"

Thoughts: (Pre-Listening) Harrumph. We've had Talking Heads on the list twice already, and neither album did anything for me. My only hope is that this one must be better, consider its ranking.

(Post-Listening) Well, as a non-New Wave uber enthusiast, it sounded like a lot of the same song over and over, but as you can see from my favorite tracks a few stood out as memorable or catchy. Still not my bag, but not painful to listen to by any means.

Is This Better Than Help!?: Sorry, no.

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