#288: The Basement Tapes by Bob Dylan and The Band


The Basement Tapes by Bob Dylan and The Band (1975)

Favorite Track(s): "Odds and Ends" and "Million Dollar Bash" and "Bessie Smith" and "Too Much of Nothing" and "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" and "This Wheel's On Fire"

Thoughts: Famously recorded back in 1967 after Dylan's motorcycle accident, this is my first exposure to The Band. And it's about time, because I've had my friend's copy of The Last Waltz for a YEAR, just waiting until some of The Band showed up on this list so I would at least have some context going into one of the greatest concert films of all time.

I was confused for a long time about who The Band actually was. Part of the problem is their name. I have the same frustration with publishers/organizations that name their publications The Journal. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. You are not that special. Fortunately for the band, they are very special, so we're going to let it go. This time.

My favorite of the 4 sides was the fourth, namely for the presence of "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" and "This Wheel's On Fire." The first is one of my favorite songs ever--I try to put the Swell Season's cover of it on all my playlists. Are we gonna fly...down into the easy chair. Amazing. And "This Wheel's On Fire" makes me think of Absolutely Fabulous (the show's theme), and it's just a monster of a song.

Is This Better Than Help!?:

It definitely deserves its ranking on the list.


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