First snow at my condo.


We were pretty excited to wake up to this view this morning. I kept waiting all last night, doubtful it would ever come. But it did!

I went out and watched sledders on some of the very steep (closed) streets.

And have been enjoying eating some of my favorite 'winter' foods, like soup with grilled cheese (on the adorable tv trays my mom got me that I'm OBSESSED with).

Oz has been struggling with the boredom that comes from having me around so much, so I told him to build a fort. 4 hours later, this was what he had come up with:

So what I have I done with virtually a week off work (tomorrow as well!)? My cabin fever has taken shape in two ways. First, coloring.

And two, contending for the Guiness Book of World Records for 'Most Pictures Taken of One Cat, EVER.'

My camera loves him.


loverstreet said...

maryann your condo looks so awesome! i love the furniture and giant windows! you have lovely taste my dear.

Allie said...

Bahaha he's just so photogenic. And I love your Pendleton blanket!

Maryann said...

Thanks, Linds!

And thanks, Allie--my dad picked it out! He's got great taste.

Lisa McQuiston said...

I LOVE your cat!! And your condo looks pretty too, you should put up more pictures.


Luise Baanders said...

Your cat Oz is so adorable in the photos! I want to hug him! Hehe. Anyway, your place is so cozy. I bet it gives you just the right amount of warmth during winter. Staying comfortable in your own, sweet home during the cold season is a perfect experience. =)

Brendan Amorose said...

Lisa and Luise's comments are right, he's such an adorable pet. That must be a rag-doll cat because he looks like one. I wouldn't mind having that cat in my condo. Maryann, a dramatic window view like that in your condo is what keeps me from waking up early in the morning - you don't even have to pinch me. :p

Lakisha Zimmerer said...

Uhhh... That is so cute! Especially the photo of the Ragdoll by the window along with the candles - that's quite dramatic! It's so nice to have a pet around the condo. However, some condo owners do not allow pets. You're fortunate, Maryann!