Sweet scanner action


The scanner makes these things look loads better than me trying to photograph them (always too dark or too washed out). Unfortunately the 11 x 14 sheets don't fit completely in the scanner, so I might only be drawing on 8 x10s from here on out.

Also I got some new pens at Target, but I'm not sure I love them. Sure, they're more varied than my current primary colors, but they bleed like a b*tch and aren't as fine-tipped as I'd like. On the other hand, they make a fun design on the back (the one on the left).


Anonymous said...

WOW! So cool, Maryann. Very reminiscent of Sargent(sp.) Pepper cover as well as others from the
60's and early 70's. These could make cool fabric designs too. How cool would a scarf with these designs be?!

Maryann said...

Thanks, MB!