When you live on the side of a very steep hill, snow means you get to spend a lot of time at home.


And I LOVE it. I'm totally out of cheddar cheese, but I don't even care! I've got loads of firewood and pasta and rum. I'm set.

So Oz and I have been catching up on sleep.

Watched vigilantly for snowfall.

Surfed the web.

Rearranged home decor.

And I drew and drew (or colored and colored?)! Here are some of my latest:

Here's hoping for a few more snow days!


jonathan edmund said...

OMG. Beau. Ti. Ful. My birthday is January 29th. Just sayin'.

Maryann said...

Done and done!!!!

Linda P. said...

Your "Holiday Sage" candle is red? They were all light green colored in the store that I went to. Odd.

Your artwork is really amazing. Really, really lovely! It reminds me of the sand mandalas that Buddhists create.

And though it is still early, I would like to wish Jonathan a very happy birthday. I hope it's a great one!

Maryann said...

Hi Linda,

It's so strange--Holiday Sage's wax is green when cool and red when hot! It makes for a very pretty burn. And I'm glad you like the art--they are very similar to mandalas! I never thought of that before.

Linda P. said...


How could Yankee Candle not have a big sign next to them saying "These are the coolest looking holiday candles OF ALL TIME"????

I may require one of these now. They might even still be on sale if I'm lucky.