#265: Psycho Candy by the Jesus and Mary Chain


Psycho Candy by the Jesus and Mary Chain (1985)

Favorite Track(s): "Just Like Honey" and "The Hardest Walk" and "Cut Dead" and "Some Candy Talking" and "Sowing Seeds" and "My Little Underground" and "Something's Wrong"

Thoughts: The Jesus and Mary Chain was a band I heard about a lot, but I never had a grip on what genre of music they played. Death metal? Electronica? Turns out the answer is alternative rock, and they're Scottish!

I didn't love every single song on the album (the ones with loads of distortion were rough for me) but the tracks I did like were really good. I like Andy Gill's review: "A great citadel of beauty whose wall of noise, once scaled, offers access to endless vistas of melody and emotion." Couldn't have said it better myself. It's kinda dark, pretty 80s, and yet lovely on a regular basis. Sort of like The Cure and The Smiths wrapped together, but grittier.

Is This Better Than Help!?: Yeah, it's pretty awesome.

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