#267: The Beach Boys Today! by The Beach Boys


The Beach Boys Today! by The Beach Boys (1965)

Favorite Track(s): "Help Me, Rhonda" and "Dance, Dance, Dance" and "I'm So Young"

Thoughts: I've noticed that whenever a Beach Boys or Rolling Stones album comes up on the list, I feel the need to compare them to The Beatles and no matter what, prove why The Beatles are the BEST and the Beach Boys and Stones could never TOUCH their majesty or genius!

I'm not sure why that is. In fact, why am I so obsessed with defending the Beatles? They certainly don't need it. And I'm sure they'd all want me to cool off and get a life. Ok, maybe John would say that. The rest of them would be like, "Thanks for being such a dedicated fan, but we actually really like those other bands and there's no need for an imaginary competition." But before I can go any further, let me just make this clear in case there is any doubt or confusion: THE BEATLES ARE BETTER THAN THE BEACH BOYS. (It's immature, I know, but I don't care.)

This album was fun, and reminded me a lot of childhood and listening to Oldies. So...yep. Full disclosure, I didn't actually listen to the whole album. The last track is an interview, "Bull Session with the 'Big Daddy'" was edited down for the release of the album because it's over 20 minutes long. But the 20 minutes long version is the only one on YouTube. I tried to listen to it, but it made me want to punch everyone in the recording. Especially Brian Wilson. I mean, I think the person I disliked the most was Brian. All their voices sounded the same.

Is This Better Than Help!?: NO!



Allie said...

Again with the perfect gifs! Where do you find these? Do you have a secret database??

Maryann said...

When going through tumblr I grab gifs I like and have put them in a draft blog post to then go 'shopping' from when doing one of my music posts. I love that you like them!!