#273: Anthology of American Folk Music by Various Artists


Anthology of American Folk Music by Various Artists (1952)

Favorite Track(s): "Henry Lee" and "The House Carpenter" and "King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O" and "John Hardy Was A Desperate Little Man" and "Down on Penny's Farm" and "Sail Away Lady" and "Wake Up Jacob" and "La Danseuse" and "Brilliancy Medley" and "Home Sweet Home" and "Newport Blues" and "Rocky Road" and "Present Joys" and "John the Revelator" and "I Woke Up One Morning in May" and "James Alley Blues"

Thoughts: Is this the oldest album we've had yet? It could be. I can't be bothered to check, though. Surely it's some of the oldest recordings.

I know this much: it's 84 songs long. So forgive my absence on the list--I've been busy!

Some of the songs were very fun and cute, like "King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O" by Chubby Parker:

And others seemed so fresh and current that I thought they'd be perfect for a movie score, like "La Danseuse" by Delma Lachney and Blind Undler Gaspard (the first 3 minutes of this video):

Many of my favorites were also sing-alongs between the male singer and a female back-up singer, like "John the Revelator" by Blind Willie Johnson.

Is This Better Than Help!?: Yes.

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