Birthday Wishlist


Awww yeaaaaah. My birthday's in a month! As I thought about what I wanted, I realized this is quite an 'grown-up' list for me. Practical things. Not a DVD or even piece of clothing in sight (though there's always my amazon wishlist, which is full of that stuff--be sure to sort by priority. Aaaaand there's the UK one as well). Just stuff for the home, the car, and personal hygiene.

(And let it be known I am posting this for my family who reads my blog--gifts are not expected from anyone else!)

Sonicare Toothbrush Heads.

San Juan Islands Clock.

Clinique Happy Heart

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10. (Or any version.)

Carved Starling Doorstop.

A 'Cargo Cover' for my car trunk.

These olive oil and vinegar cruets.

(Ok, ok, I cave. Here's some DVDs I want! Law and Order: UK seasons 1-4)


Linda P. said...

Fellow Pisces! What day is your birthday? One month from now- the 13th? Mine in March 19th. It's tough having a March birthday because I always want to do something fun outdoors to celebrate and the weather is usually pretty cold/slushy out here in New England. Hope you are planning something fun for your day!

Maryann said...

yes, the 13th! I know, I'm always at a loss of what to do for my birthday (if anything).