Happy Valentine's Day, Nobody!



Ha ha! But seriously, you's an infographic on divorce in America.

No, but really. This time I mean it. Happy Valentine's Day.

"P.S. You Rock My World" by The Eels.

I was at a funeral the day I realized
I wanted to spend my life with you
Sitting down on the steps at the old post office
The flag was flying at half mast
And I was thinking 'bout how
Everyone is dying
And maybe it is time to live

For as Simon Amstell reminds us, "death is coming."


Linda P. said...

And now, just for you, I present the soulful song stylings of JACKIE CHAN!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Maryann said...

Oh Linda, that was...spectacular. There are many songs about Marianne's, but I think that takes the cake. I will listening to it for the rest of the day. As a joke, of course...