#245: Reasonable Doubt by Jay-Z


Reasonable Doubt by Jay-Z (1996)

Favorite Track(s): "Brooklyn's Finest" and "Can I Live" and "Bring It On"

Thoughts: (Pre-Listening) This is our second, and I believe final Jay-Z album on the list. We heard The Blueprint way back at #456. That was Jay-Z's 6th album, this is his debut. I tend to prefer 90s rap to 2000s rap, so I'm hoping to like this. And it should be said that I am glad The Black Album didn't make it to the list because in a car once I heard "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" from Danger Mouse's The Grey Album--a mash-up of The Black Album with the Beatles' The White Album--and the sound of Jay-Z rapping about Porsches, pimps, ESPN, and jeans over John Lennon's "Julia" made me want to be deaf. Forever. Not that that's Jay-Z's fault. It's Danger Mouse's. Anyway. Let's do this.

(Post-Listening) I don't know if I have the words to express my underwhelm-ment. I don't get how this album is so above and beyond better than The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, or Three Feet High and Rising, or Illmatic, or Criminal Minded, or Strictly Business, or Yo! Bum Rush the Show, or Fear of a Black Planet? I liked ALL of those better than this. Nothing stuck in my mind or stood-out. And there's a great song that's basically Foxy Brown saying, "I'm fine with you cheating as long as you keep spending money on me." Lovely. Apparently I don't prefer 90s rap nearly as much as I do 80s. Which yes, means I am basically the demographic for this show:

Is This Better Than The River?: Not my bag. Not better to me.

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