#250: Trans-Europe Express by Kraftwerk


Trans-Europe Express by Kraftwerk (1977)

Favorite Track(s): "Europe Endless" and "Trans-Europe Express" and "Metal on Metal" and "Franz Schubert"

Thoughts: WHOOOOOOOO! We've officially made it halfway through the list!

I thought I would finish it in one year, and now here we are a quarter into another year and only halfway in! It's nuts. But I also have a life, so....that's why this is taking so long. Well, that and the crap albums that make me want to stay away forever.

And what better way to celebrate this milestone than with some Krautrock, aka experimental German music from the 60s/70s? Well, I can think of a few, but I'll take what I can get. The first time I ever heard of Kraftwerk was through Joel Hodgson's numerous references to them in Mystery Science Theater 3000 (but some Mike episodes too). Like in the season 9 episode Devil Fish. Or season 6's Zombie Nightmare. Or season 5's Secret Agent Super Dragon. And many more!

But this album marks my first actual listen to Kraftwerk. And I liked it! It definitely feels ahead of its time and inventive. I have to say I enjoyed the instrumental pieces best, as I couldn't really take the talk-singing seriously. Because, well, sometimes it can be hard to take someone seriously if they're speaking with a German accent. I realize that is a terrible thing (and a terrible thing to say). All I can picture is Sprockets or silly Hitler impressions or basically every Mel Brooks movie I've ever seen. Basically I really need to be exposed to portrayals of important, celebrated Germans that don't use British or American accents (*ahem*ahem*ahem*).

No matter. It was great! I would never personally place it this high on any list, but I definitely enjoyed it. To anyone who can tell these songs apart, I salute you.

Is This Better Than Help!?: Not to me, but that's OK in this instance. Good stuff.

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