#255: American Beauty by the Grateful Dead


American Beauty by the Grateful Dead (1970)

Favorite Track(s): "Box of Rain" and "Friend of the Devil" and "Sugar Magnolia" and "Brokedown Palace" and "Till the Morning Comes"

Thoughts: Another Dead album, and so soon!

Good news everyone: you don't have to be high to enjoy this album! I might be the first person to ever try it completely sober, and I'm happy to say it still stands up. It was quite a happy surprise to find that the Dead aren't this super psychedelic/experimental rock band (at least from what I've heard so far). That was always the impression I got from their fans and any references made to them in pop culture. These last two albums have been so folksy and blue-grassy. I love it.

Yet in the end, I think I preferred listening to Workingman's Dead over this album.

Is This Better Than Help!?: Yes? I guess so.

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