#225: Nick of Time by Bonnie Raitt


Nick of Time by Bonnie Raitt (1989)

Favorite Track(s): "Nick of Time" and "Thing Called Love" and "Cry on My Shoulder" and "Nobody's Girl" and "Have a Heart" and "I Will Not Be Denied"

Thoughts: Last time we saw Bonnie was waaaay back in the beginning of 2011, at #496!  She's come a long way and so have we.

This is another album that reminds me of childhood because my parents had it in such heavy rotation.  I hear this album and I think eternal summer, bare feet, stuffed animals, and back-seat car rides.

The album cover always stood out to me because of her finger on the belt buckle!  Is she a superhero activating her awesome powers?  Yes.

The opening song, "Nick of Time" was actually used in a college course I took.  It was about 'Aging and Human Development', and in the very first class to illustrate what we were going to be studying, the professor played this song and two others (Linda Ronstadt's "Blue Bayou" and I can't recall the other one this second).  (Note: if I ever became a professor, I would start first classes with songs.  Probably too many.)  The professor asked us to listen closely to the lyrics, which at the time didn't mean much to me, but WHOO BOY do they ever now:

A friend of mine, she cries at night
And she calls me on the phone
Sees babies everywhere she goes
And she wants one of her own

She's waited long enough she says
And still he can't decide
Pretty soon she'll have to choose
And it tears her up inside

She is scared,
Scared to run out of time

I see my folks are getting on
And I watch their bodies change
I know they see the same in me
And it makes us both feel strange

No matter how you tell yourself
It's what we all go through
Those lines are pretty hard to take
When they're staring back at you

Oh Oh Oh, scared you'll run out of time

When did the choices get so hard
With so much more at stake
Life gets mighty precious
When there's less of it to waste

Just when I thought I'd had enough
And all my tears were shed
No promise left unbroken
There were no painful words unsaid

You came along and showed me

I could leave it all behind
You opened up my heart again
And then much to my surprise

I found love, baby, love in the nick of time

I mean, right?  This is song-writing.  We grow old!  Our parents get old!  Should I have kids?  Will I have kids?  Life gets mighty precious when there's less of it to waste.  And that last section about finding love?  SHOOT ME IN THE FACE.  The song is so chill that if you didn't listen to the lyrics closely, you'd have no clue she was dealing with such heavy themes.  Or maybe you would.  I wouldn't.

Or take "Nobody's Girl", written by Larry John McNally.

He said, "Before I met her, I didn't love nothin'
I could take it or leave it, that was okay, but
She brings out a want in me
For things I didn't even know that I need."

Man alive!

But seriously, it's hard for me to judge any of these songs on their individual or even collective merits because they are so heavily laden with nostalgia.  But they are very good--not a stinker on here.  And you should listen to them and let them attach themselves to an era of your life.  Hopefully a good one.

Is This Better Than The River?: Yes, it is so balanced and superbly produced.  Though it is more blues-y than I generally care for, so I will still listen to The River more often.


loverstreet said...

this was the most played CD of my childhood too! it was always cranked up when my mom was in a good mood and she would throw open the windows, flitting about making pies and smelling of summer. grace potter reminds me of bonnie and i often think that my kiddos will feel the nostalgia for grace that i do for bonnie. i have texted my mom to ask her to burn this album for me. thanks for the reminder.

Maryann said...

Lindsey! How crazy that our parents both listened to this so much.

I need to get into Grace Potter. Have any favs you could recommend of hers?