#228: Mr. Tambourine Man by The Byrds


Mr. Tambourine Man by The Byrds (1965)

Favorite Track(s): "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "All I Really Want to Do" and "Chimes of Freedom" and "We'll Meet Again"

Thoughts: 60s Folk rock!  I approve.  However.

This is The Byrds debut album. It's not a pain to listen to at all.  It's very pleasant to listen to.  But to me, the best songs on this album are Bob Dylan covers (the rest sound like songs the Beatles left on the cutting room floor--and with good reason).  And I love Bob Dylan covers!  I love them by Sonny and Cher, I love them by The Byrds (apparently their cover of "Mr. Tambourine" man gave Dylan his one and only number one single), and I love them best of all by Peter, Paul and Mary, who don't show up ONCE on this list.  The Byrds?  They will show up here at least three, THREE! more times.  One of which, Greatest Hits, has--you guessed it--FIVE songs from Mr. Tambourine Man.  I call serious, outrageous foul.  So many other underrepresented artists and albums could have had a spot on this list without such obvious over-lapping. Like effing Peter, effing Paul, and effing Mary!

With that in mind...

Is This Better Than The River?: No.

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