#234: Like a Prayer by Madonna


Like a Prayer by Madonna (1989)

Favorite Tracks: "Like a Prayer" and "Cherish" and "Dear Jessie"

Thoughts: (Pre-Listening) I'm sorry, but I'm a little confused here.  Remember just 41 albums ago, at #275?  It was Madonna's Immaculate Collection.  It has three of the songs off Like A Prayer.  And I'm wondering if it's the best three songs off this album.  In which case I will be angry that this album made it on the list as well, and this far up.

(Post-Listening) Ok, the rest of the album was quite solid.  Still...I'm shocked at how far up it is, even with a duet with Prince!

Is This Better Than The River?:  Not to me.

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Linda said...

I remember buying this on cassette when it first came out, and it was scented. No joke!