#237: Run-D.M.C by Run-D.M.C


Run-D.M.C by Run-D.M.C (1984)

Favorite Track(s): "Rock Box" and "Jam Master Jay" and "Sucker M.C.'s" and "Wake Up"

Thoughts: Run D.M.C may do the usual rap trope of convincing listeners that they are the best rappers/M.C.'s, but they also have songs about social activism and global issues.  From "Wake Up":

There were no guns (no what)
no tanks (no what) atomic bombs
and to be frank homeboy there were no arms
just people, working hand in hand
there was a feeling of peace all across the land

it was a dream (wake up)

just a dream (get up), (wake up), (wake up)

Between all countries there were good relations

there finally was a meeting to united nations
and everybody had an occupation
'cause we all worked together to fight starvation

Everyone was treated on an equal basis

no matter what colors, religions or races
we weren't afraid to show our faces
it was cool to chill in foreign places

All cities of the world were renovated

and the people all chilled and celebrated
they were all so happy and elated
to live in the world that they created

The album was fun and fresh, even if it's old school.  Who cares?  I like old school.

Is This Better Than The River?: Not to me, but it is my kind of rap.

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