for the birthday girl


My friend Kristen has a birthday this month.  And so I made her this:

We have a special bond over the NSYNC classic, "Digital Get Down." Penned by my then-beloved, JC Chasez, teenage me was heartbroken that a 'Christian' man such as Joshua Scott could write a song about 'getting it on' via the internet. And even though I no longer hold JC to the high standards I once did, now and then Kristen will remind me of my fervent disappointment, with questions like, "Guess what JC song randomly came up as my alarm the other day?"  You guessed it.  In case you've never heard the musical masterpiece, here you go:

Ugh.  Still disturbing.

I expect Kristen to hang the art somewhere in her home with a lot of foot traffic, so she has to talk to loads of people about internet sex.  (Which is probably happening a lot already.  Kidding!).  Or she could scan it and have it as her computer desktop background.


Kristen said...

BEST. PRESENT. EVER. I can't wait to frame it. And I can't wait to have an awkward conversation with my sweet and innocent roommate about it ... thanks for opening up lines of communication.

Maryann said...

I look forward to hearing about that conversation, in depth.