Happy b-day, Babs.


I don't post much about Barbra these days, and it's a pity.  I think she's the top.  Today she turns 70. 

If you're unfamiliar with why so many people are obsessed with her, introduce yourself to her like I did, in her Oscar-winning performance* as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl.  (Then check out her television specials, and THEN her other movies.)  From TCM's website:

"For the last scene in the film where Fanny sings "My Man" after she has been told goodbye by Nicky Arnstein, [director] William Wyler did something unusual. Normally, actors in musicals lip-synched to pre-recorded music for their singing scenes. Streisand had tried to do that for "My Man", as she did with the other numbers in Funny Girl, but the scene, which was supposed to be emotional and heartbreaking, wasn't working. He and Streisand decided to have her sing live in order for her to truly be in the moment. During the scene, Wyler had Omar Sharif stand behind a nearby curtain and talk to Streisand between takes. Their affair was ending as the Funny Girl shoot came to an end, and Wyler knew that Sharif's presence would have an effect on her performance. "He wanted him around to help build up her sadness," said Robert Swink. "They must've done at least ten takes. Willie shot the thing live and recorded it live. It was pretty emotional for her.""**

(Have I posted this song 88 times already?  This will not be the last time.)

*She tied with Katharine Hepburn's performance as Eleanor in The Lion in Winter.

**Apparently Tom Hooper is hoping to have all the actors 'sing live' for Les Miserables.


Linda said...

I'm impressed by your wide ranging taste in music. You seem open to all- folk music, Broadway musical songs, rock anthems, male singers, female singers, techno beats, acoustic harp- you say yes to all of it. Are you a singer/musician yourself? Have you studied music? I'm guessing you don't go a day without music playing a role in it somehow.

Most of my friends have these set ideas that they can't stand country music, or they'd never listen to rap, or they only listen to whoever is popular on MTV/VH1 this week so they would never explore great singers/bands of the past. I'm in quite a few music ruts myself. Thanks for pointing out how much great stuff is out there to be loved.

Maryann said...

Linda, you're so sweet! I try to be open to lots of different music, but in general I feel behind on most current stuff.

I have dabbled in guitar, piano, and percussion, but none of them stuck (because I didn't really stick with practicing :) ). I've taken a few college music classes, but even those were more about music appreciation than actual understanding.

For instance, whenever people want to do sing alongs, I can not harmonize worth a damn. Nor can I recognize notes, etc.

I love that you like my music posts! I worry people get sick of them, so that's so great to hear. And I'm still OBSESSED with the Damien Rice song you recommended, so keep that up! :)