I'll follow the sun


I meant to actually be IN the sun, but the short 30 minutes I spent in it were FREEZING. It's not summer yet. But it is to look at it!


Linda said...

I would kill for your skin! It's luminous! So jealous!!!!

Does Oz have a really tiny tail, or is that a trick of the camera angle?

Maryann said...

Aww, thank you, Linda! You're so sweet.

Oz has a medium size tail, but you're right, these photos make it look tiny!

Linda said...

Have you ever done a post about your tattoos and I missed it? I'm curious about them, but I know a lot of people like to keep their reasons for getting certain tattoos private, so I would completely understand if it's not something you like to talk about. The strawberry one is very striking though, and I feel like maybe it is a reference to something that is just going over my head?

Maryann said...

I haven't really done a post on them...maybe now that I have a higher quality camera I will!

For now I can tell you that the strawberry one is--at face value--for the Beatles!