I'm still in total disbelief.


Remember that poster I gave my friend Lucy at her bridal shower?  Well, she told me she framed it, which made me so happy, but when I walked through the doors at her wedding reception I saw this and nearly died:

I couldn't believe it!  I was so unbelievably honored and touched and just...speechless.

And what a wedding!  I only took pictures at the reception because I wanted to be totally present for the ceremony, but both were incredible.  I will treasure the day forever, for so many special reasons.

For instance, I will be re-reading this (I got to hear it's writer read it aloud at the ceremony) for days.


Kj said...


Maryann said...

thank you!!

Linda said...

That is SO SWEET!!!! I send all my blessings to them in their marriage. If they treat each other with half as much of the care and respect that they treat their friends, they are going to be set for life.

Maryann said...

Linda--that is such a wonderful way to put it! I bet you give great toasts!