Weekend Highlights


I had a really wonderful weekend with my mom.  We went to an old movie theater to see Pina, took a walk around downtown Vancouver, and ate lots of great food.  Plus I got in some family photo scanning, so it was productive too! 


Holly said...

I would like you to do a serious breakdown of that taco. Also, I just found the (unopened) invitation to your housewarming party in our garden shed. Under a bag of bulbs I forgot to plant in October. So, no tulips in our yard, and we totally missed your shindig.

Maryann said...

I can't decide which is the bigger travesty, but I definitely lean toward you missing the shindig. :) I'm just glad you found the invite so you knew you were invited!!!

Maryann said...

Oh, and the tacos were from Woody's Tacos in Vancouver, one of my parents favorite places to eat. I got the crispy chicken tacos, but only one of them came out crispy! Anyway, it was DELICIOUS.