#219: War by U2


War by U2 (1983)

Favorite Tracks: "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "Seconds" and "New Year's Day" and "40"

Thoughts: Our first U2 album!  Very pleased.  I think U23D was the first 3D movie I ever saw.  It was awesome having Bono reach his hand out to me.

I consider myself a U2 fan, but just not as devoted as some.  I bought and read Bono by Bono when I was in China.  For all the ridiculous celebrity things about him, I still really like and admire the man.  And this kick-ass band!  I own Rattle and Hum, which you should definitely see if you haven't already.  And get the soundtrack. 

The album opens with "Sunday Bloody Sunday."  I probably know the live version from Under a Blood Red Sky better, which Bono opens by saying, "This is not a rebel song."  TOOOOOONIGHT WE CAN BE AS ONE!  I love this song.  The moments of light before descending back into the harsh, driving beat.  And that riff, which Rolling Stone called the "bone-crushing arena-rock riff of the decade."  Does this song count as 'punk' in its elements?  I wish it did.  There's strings, so probably not.  Anyway, one of the Best Songs Ever.

I adore the opening of "Seconds."  The keyboard in "New Year's Day" feels so out of place for a U2 song somehow.  Like I expect it in the Baywatch theme, but it's always a wake-up call to me when I hear it and have to remember it's U2!  It totally works, it's just unexpected to me.

From there, the rest of the album sort of strings along for me, until the end at the awesome "40."  But still, really great overall.

Is This Better Than The River?: As good to me.

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