#222: Doolittle by The Pixies


Doolittle by The Pixies (1989)

Favorite Tracks: "Debaser" and "Wave of Mutilation" and "I Bleed" and "Here Comes Your Man" and "Mr. Grieves" and "No. 13 Baby" and "There Goes My Gun" and "Hey" and "Silver"

Thoughts: This is our second Pixies album, the last one, Surfer Rosa, was back at #311.  I liked it, but did not deem it better than Help! at the time.  Here's hoping Doolittle kicks The River's butt for me.  The album title is a great start, as I am a fan of both Ms. Eliza Doolittle and Dr. Dolittle.

"Here Comes Your Man" is just so wonderful.  Yes, I heard it for the first time in 500 Days of Summer, I'm not ashamed to say.  That movie has a fantastic soundtrack!  Anyway, this album was really great.  I feel like one listen was definitely not enough.  Songs like "Hey" were just so unique and kept me hooked.  I think I may have expected more songs to be like "Here Comes Your Man", but the diversity, while dark, was still very enjoyable.

Is This Better Than The River?: It definitely has depths to discover, and is at least as good.

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Courtney said...

I really love the Pixies, and I too was late to the Pixies party. (I don't think I got into them until the mid-2000s.) When I finally did, it was like 'where the hell have I been?' They just don't really sound like anyone else (and if another band sounds like them, it's likely that band is just trying to emulate them).