loverstreet said...

i think you NEED this:

remember how youth group would always fill our minds with ideas of a "match made in heaven" for our future spouse? i think you and oz are the closest thing to a match made in heaven that i have ever known. well, and maybe your parents. :)

Linda said...

He has a little "M" on his forehead!!!! You have to squint a little and allow for a small line in the center, but the M is there!

And goodness, are those extra toes?

Maryann said...

Lindsey: that kitty cradle is so cute! And he would probably love it. He hides under chairs constantly.

Linda, he does! I like to think of them as his eyebrows, but technically those are probably the whiskers on his forehead. And I don't believe he has extra toes--the standard four and then 'thumbs' higher up...a trick of the camera I guess!

Courtney said...

I love this picture! So freaking cute.

Anonymous said...

You are one of those photographers who are there right at that "moment" for the perfect shot! Of course he is quite the "poser" too. Love it!