isn't it romantic?


- Confession: hearing "Isn't it Romantic" being played in Sabrina makes me sooooooo sad.  It's like I become Sabrina sitting alone in a tree watching couples slow dance in white gowns on a tennis court. 

- Courtney over at Nobody Too wrote a great post about living alone and liking it, so much so that you worry you couldn't ever handle living with someone else.  I loved this:

I once read that Tunde Adebimpe (of the band TV on the Radio) told his now wife that he wanted to marry her after she told him "I want to guard your solitude."

- Lately I've really wanted to a post of my top 5 divorce songs.  But I haven't done it because everywhere I look I have the most wonderful people in my life getting married or thinking about getting married and if I were to post my favorite divorce songs, it would be weird and morbid.  Especially since I have never been divorced.  But now that's its May, and I don't have any weddings on the horizon I might just do it.  Even though, I know, it's totally morbid.


Linda said...

Is this one in your Top 5? It should be, it's a great one. It's sad, simple and achingly lovely all at once.

Maryann said...

BOOM! And Linda starts us off. :) It totally should be, but I hadn't even thought of it! You're a better Beatles fan than I am.